Final gig - Live @ Attack

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Hemendex: Solution to Reality [Self-released, 2013]



Faith in War

Kolekcija zaraznih čistokrvnih synth pop pjesama koje bi svoje mjesto mogle naći na bilo kojoj radijskoj playlisti diljem svijeta.

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Ulaznice za naš posljednji koncert (23.11. @ Klub Attack, AKC Medika) se u pretprodaji mogu kupiti u Dirty Old Shopu, Tratinska 22 po cijeni od 25 kn.
Na ulazu će koštati 35 kn. 

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"Solution to Reality" free download na:


We have started recording demos for some of the songs a year ago at our home studio. They can be seen as a preview for everyone who would like to get the idea about the band’s sound at this moment (“November Sessions 2012”). We knew what kind of material we have and we also knew how we wanted it to sound, so we have hired a young producer from Belgrade. His name is Jovan Vesić and he is best known for his music (inje). We have chosen the slow process of recording between Belgrade and Zagreb.

Almost a year later, we are proud to present “Solution To Reality”, which is a result of almost a year spent in studio. It represents a new and fresh sound from Hemendex, which started in 2009 with its own vision of synth-pop.

The album release show will take place on November 23rd at Attack (AKC Medika). This will also be the band’s last show.

Our new album “Solution to Reality” will be out October 30th.

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Long time no write.

We’ve spent a few months recording an album called “Solution To Reality” which we’re extremely proud of, and it’s out/available (digitally) as soon as we (actually our friends DvaSaDva) finish the cover art. The keyboard work and the “electronic” elements were played and sequenced in our bedroom. Bass guitar was recorded in Zagreb in a studio of a young and talented fella called Mark Mrakovčić.

Probably the most important part of creating this record was our week in Belgrade where we recorded vocals and the sessions were guided by our producer/mixing engineer Jovan Vesić (of Inje fame). We also had some guests but you can take a look at the liner notes later, because if you’re reading this you’re probably here to find out if this band is going to stop playing and why.

Yes, we’ve created a facebook event called "Solution To Reality // The Final Show" and announced it as our last show ever. No, it’s not a prank, we’d never do something like that (we’ve tried pulling a prank only once when we put a faux “demo from 2008” on our SoundCloud page and no one figured it out).


Well, I’m the one to blame (Nara, the one with bass guitar). I love this band, I love everything we’ve ever recorded, and EVERY single show was a great experience for us. It was never our (main) job, and yet we’ve played on huge festival stages, in clubs of all types and sizes, in a record store, in a friend’s garage, and even in a maximum security prison in France. We’ve shared (back)stage with people whose records we love, met awesome people along the way, made a lot of friends and learned A LOT about music and making music. Looking back at everything we’ve done from 2009 to here it’s nice to know that making your own songs can take you anywhere… That’s cool, but the main reason behind banging my bass, stretching my untrained vocal cords and drawing notes in Ableton is the result - music.

Many will argue that releasing an album and abruptly breaking up the band is idiotic, and they’re right, but playing without motivation, inspiration and devotion is also wrong. Plain and simple, I love the guys but my heart is elsewhere and I don’t want to play in this band anymore. I want to spend my free time on other projects. Something completely different.

Yes, Dino & Oleg are a bit mad at me (who wouldn’t be) but we’re still friends (we’re adults).

I am writing songs.

Oleg still writes songs.

Dino is still making music.

We’re all going to make music.

I believe that 3 good bands/projects are better than one (even though (I think) none of it is going to be too similar to anything we’ve done, though… we’ll see…).

"Sorry" and "thank you" if you like Hemendex.

See you around.


We made a summer mixtape.